Fiduciary Duties

Plan fiduciaries are responsible for over 160 specific duties. Let Fiduciary Doctors of the Midwest help you!
Monitor Fees

Have your fees been benchmarked? Are they appropriate for a plan your size?

Evaluate Investment Choices

Have your investments been reviewed? Do you have an appropriate Investment Policy Statement? Are there investments with lower fees available?

Participant Notices

Do you know what employee notices are required? Are you distributing those notices in a timely manner?

ERISA Standards

Do you know what standards ERISA has set? Do you have checks and balances in place to make sure no fiduciary breeches occur?


Here are the people helping make the change.
Dick Billings
Dick Billings
Dick helps focus on building the partnerships with TPAs, Auditors and Investment Advisors.
Brandon Madison
Brandon Madison
Opportunities Creator
Brandon works on creating the opportunities with Investment Advisors.
Trey Becker
Trey Becker
Operations Manager
Trey runs the day to day operations of the firm. He helps with setup and ongoing communication.

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